Best recommended books for JEE Mains & Advance

By | 31/07/2017

Best recommended books for JEE Mains Advance Physics Chemistry Mathematics

Hello Students

In this blog, you will get a complete list of best recommended books you will ever come across during your JEE Mains & Advance Preparation. For your convenience, we have categorized these books in three categories –

  1. Beginners (Good for conceptual understanding).
  2. Standard (Must Do for Exams).
  3. Advance (Ranker’s Material).

So let us take each subject one by one –


Physics for JEE Main & Advance is the most important subject and the majority of JEE aspirants face difficulty in Physics. However, if you read the right books, you might not be among the sufferers.

Beginners – NCERT & SL ARORA.

Standard –

  1. HC VERMA (This is the Bible of Physics).When you solve questions from HC Verma, don’t see the solutions directly, but if you are not able to solve the problems by your own then you should go to the beginner section.
  2. Set of books by DC Pandey (Good Chapter Wise Content).

Advance –

IE IRODOV, it helps you to solve and understand the difficult question.

IF you are not the bookish types, you can also take help from Video Lectures for Physics by Top Faculty. Video Lectures are an effective way to understand the concepts.



JEE Chemistry is a scoring subject and involves both conceptual and application level questions in JEE Main & Advance. Here is a list of books to refer for Chemistry Syllabus of JEE Main & Advance –

Beginners – NCERT, Pradeep fundamental or Morden Publisher.

Standard – 

Physical Chemistry – OP Tandon / RC Mukherjee / P Bahadoor (Pick only one of them and solve completely).

Organic Chemistry – LG Wade is good and concise, Morison Boyd is more Conceptual

Inorganic Chemistry- NCERT is the Bible, please read each and every word.

If you are targeting for 250+ marks in JEE Main, you can take help from EntrancePrime Chapter wise Adaptive Practice that helps you find out your actual preparedness in a particular chapter.


Physical Chemistry – Narendra Avasthi

Organic Chemistry – MS Chauhan, it only contains exception based questions and you should only move to MS Chauhan if you have perfectly done LG Wade.

Inorganic Chemistry – JD Lee, It is a very good book, you have to read it in a concise way which relates you with the concepts.

Simultaneously, you can take EntrancePrime All India Test Series and start practising each chapter in a real test environment, it will give you very good practice will help you leap up your rank in top 100.


Beginners- NCERT

Standard – RD SHARMA


SK GOYAL for Coordinate Geometry & Algebra, AMIT AGARWAL for Calculus, RD SHARMA for Trigonometry, Vectors & 3D.

SK GOYAL & AMIT M AGARWAL are subjective books also covering objective questions. So if your target is JEE Advanced then you must focus on Subjective books and solve SK GOYAL completely.

Majority question of SL Loney is already into solved section of RD Sharma. So don’t waste time to solve SL Loney.

So it’s time for Rock Star Preparation. Good Luck!


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