Cracking Entrance Exams Through Online Classes/Coaching

By | 06/11/2017

Parijat wanted to seek admission in IIT- Madras right after completing Class 12. To opt coaching amidst his hectic schedule – juggling between school studies, co-curricular activities, and subject tuitions was an uphill task. He sought an effective and cost-friendly study plan/method to fulfill his dream of getting admission in IIT-Madras after a year. On a suggestion of one of his seniors, he identified some online coaching that he could do at his own pace and that piqued his interest. He could learn, improve, strengthen his knowledge and revise different subjects in the given time frame and that too free of cost!

Like Parijat, several students from remote corners of the country as well as those pressed for time, find online coaching effective and convenient.

The changing faces of media have made online coaching popular option among JEE aspirants. This mode of coaching gives an edge to them compared to others. Here are some reasons why one should go for online coaching for JEE preparations:

Flexible time

Online coaching gives a chance to have one-to-one interaction with tutor/mentor and that too as per the schedule of a learner. Online coaching gives way to prompt response by the teacher. The tutor/teacher can directly answer a direct query of the student. See online IIT JEE & NEET video lectures.

Students can chalk ou timetable and allocate hours (time frame) given to each subject.  Also, check Time Managment Tips for the students.

Learning at own space

Commuting to and from regular coaching institute takes a lot of time and students get exhausted in this process. Students can efficiently prepare and grasp the lesson of their choice sitting comfortably at their places by adopting online tuitions/coaching sessions. See IIT JEE & NEET online test series 

They can save both time and energy as well as avoid unnecessary or unwanted distractions. Also, you can see how you can manage your time effectively.

Liberty to choose mentor

Students cannot pick and choose the mentor in regular coaching institutes. The online coaching looks after this aspect of coaching. Tutor is assigned after receiving a satisfactory response from students’ end about mentor and teaching methodology.

Eliminate fear of poaching

Poaching of teachers and students is a common practice in regular coaching institutes. Parents and students are free from such apprehensions in online tuitions. It gives stability to learning. Online tuitions remove off the tension of switching jobs by teachers from students’ mind.

No segregation of batches

Online tuition has no concept of segregation of students’ batches (as per their capacity). Online coaching focuses on improving the preparation of individual students. Online tutor pays attention to the individual, which is impossible in a batch (group) of students.

Removes peer pressure

The peer pressure does not work in many cases, particularly students who learn and practice at their own pace. See IIT JEE & NEET Online Practice Tests.

It can hamper preparation in some cases. Online coaching removes such instances and give an opportunity to students to learn without feeling any pressure/burden.

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