Exam Preparation Tips

By | 26/09/2014

Exam preparation tipsDoes the poor result of your last exam still haunt you? If yes, don’t let the jitters of your previous exam make a comeback in your upcoming one. Avoid last-minute preparation and make a proper strategy to prevent the so called, ‘Exam Fever’ right from the very beginning.

Make a well-planned timetable and start your preparation at least six months in advance. Be pro-active and make efficient use of your time to keep anxiety at bay.

Tips on Exam Preparation

Follow these simple exam preparation tips to get through your studies and do better than what you scored last year:

Make a Timetable and stick to it

Make sagacious use of your time by creating a good timetable for yourself. Make sure that the timetable you make covers all topics and subjects that you need to go through in the next few months.

Take short breaks in between the studies to rejuvenate yourself and recharge your batteries. Don’t get distracted by what your friends and family may be doing. It is easy to lose track of your schedule if you go easy on even one or two days. Strictly focus on your time table and study in accordance with it. This is one of the most crucial exam preparation strategies to crack important entrance and competitive exams or simply do well in your regular semester examinations.

Get good sleep

Staying up late at night for studies is futile if you can’t study with full concentration. Students usually have the habit of delaying their studies and then getting down to it late at night, which is nothing but an excuse for their procrastination all day.

For good daily preparation, it is better to follow your routine and sleep for 7 to 8 hours daily. The morning is the best time to delve into your studies so spare the night and keep the early hours for your exam preparations.

Do not opt for the ‘rote’ method

Cramming is not going to help in giving your best results in exams. Having a clear understanding of the topic at hand improves retention. If you learn by rote, chances are that you may forget what you have studied by the time the exams approach. Try to gain a better comprehension of subjects and particularly difficult topics by making graphs, flow charts and writing summaries.

Video Lectures

Specialized e-learning portals provide the facility of video lectures and virtual classes on various subjects by expert teachers, giving you a great platform to learn and understand in an engaging and interactive manner. This will save you from boring cramming sessions of your own and will make your studies fun and easy.

Learn anywhere and anytime

The advent of modern technology like smart phones and smart apps has made studying a lot easier. Whether you are travelling or stuck somewhere, you can still study, thanks to your mobile device.

Mock Tests

Mock exams, easily available nowadays on online sites, give students the convenience to get a hands-on preparation for their exams.

Once you are done with your initial round of studies, you can take these mock tests in order to check where you stand. These mock tests are available in chapter-wise and full syllabus formats. Solving mock exams will increase your confidence level and enable you to rectify your mistakes well in time.

Compare your performance

Online mock tests are a great way to test your standing in competitive exams compared with your peers. Many aspirants across the country take online test series offered by the leading e-learning sites. Therefore, your score and position in these series act as an adequate indicator of how you will fare in the main exams.

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Expert Guidance

Nowadays online learning platforms provide students with the opportunity to undertake web chat sessions with expert teachers and practice tests that are designed by them. As these experts have decades of experience in their field, students can greatly benefit from their guidance. This is one of the most important tips on exam preparation as it enables students to solve a variety of questions with comparative difficulty levels.

These are some tips which can help you elevate your performance and give your best shot in any exam you may be preparing for. Follow these simple tips; pull up your socks and kick start exam preparation to get the best results.

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