How to Concentrate While Studying?

By | 07/11/2014

How to concentrate while studying-tipsStudying long hours is futile if you lack concentration while doing so. Sitting relentlessly with your books open in front of you for a long time is not important. What’s essential is to learn with focus and alertness. This concentration emerges when there are no distractions and disturbances to divert the mind. Losing track of what you are studying is a common phenomenon that occurs with the best of students.

Follow these tips consistently and find out how to concentrate while studying. If you are persistent in your endeavors, you will find yourself studying with concentration and utilizing less time to cover more ground.

Things to help you focus while studying

Keep your thoughts in control

Often, the moment we start studying, different thoughts start cropping up in the mind which we have no control over. In order to avoid this, you have to push yourself hard to not get carried away by these thoughts. Only you can persuade yourself to do this. Converse with your inner self and decide your priorities.

Get sound sleep

A good sleep gives umpteen benefits to the mind, body as well as the soul. Sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a day to rejuvenate your mind and start afresh the next day with renewed zest. Trying to study while being extremely exhausted is of no avail. Proper sleep will help you study with concentration and will enhance retention. This is one of the most important tips to concentrate while studying.

Positive Environment

Create a soothing environment in your study room by clearing up all the mess and craft a ‘feel good factor’. A de-cluttered environment boosts concentration. The study room should not have any distracting devices like TVs or Music Players in it. Get a comfortable chair so that you don’t feel any kind of pain while sitting and studying for a long time. Ensure that the room is well-lit and bright as this enhances your positive mood and your propensity to study with focus.

Turn off the Cell phone

This is one of the many well-known tips to concentrate while studying, especially in this day and age of modern technology. Cell phones can act as a big hindrance to absorption and retention of information. If your Smartphone is switched on, you will always have the tendency to check it and scan through social networking sites or messenger after short intervals. You should completely avoid the use of mobile devices during your study time.

Short breaks

Take small breaks in between your studies so that you can come back into the study mode without any hassles. Keep snacks with you while studying to satisfy your hunger pangs. This way you won’t have to take the trouble to go to the kitchen and waste your precious time.

Make studying interesting

Avoid boredom while studying by trying out different techniques like revising loudly, questioning yourself as you finish a topic, making notes, flowcharts and diagrams. Going by the rote method every time you study will make things monotonous.

Set short-term goals

You won’t have to worry about final results if you accomplish short-term goals. Focus on aspects like finishing a particular chapter within one hour or going through the entire syllabus for a subject within three days. Such goals often lead to optimum results as they keep you on your toes and increase productivity as well.

Avoid multi-tasking

Concentrate on one thing at a time. Trying to do many things at one time will eventually lead to nothing being done properly. Improve your productivity and utilize your time efficiently by putting your entire focus on one particular task and then going on to the next one.

An elevated concentration will lead to better and more productive preparation. Follow these simple tips to spike your concentration levels, inch yourself away from unwanted distractions and emerge with good results.

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