How to Crack AIPMT Exam?

By | 06/04/2015

Guide on how to crack AIPMTThe AIPMT or All India Pre-Medical Entrance Test is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for students aspiring to get admission in MBBS and BDS programs. Students having cleared their 10+2 or HSC examinations can apply for the entrance test conducted in the months of April/May every year.

The AIPMT examination is different from the competitive JEE Main and Advanced in the sense that the Board Result does not play a role in final selection. Students must score a 99.5 percentile or above in order to secure a seat in renowned government medical colleges. However, the important question to worry about is ‘how to crack AIPMT’? What do students need to know before they appear for the entrance examination?

An effective tip to crack the AIPMT entrance exam is to focus on speed and accuracy. Set up targets during preparation and make sure that you are able to achieve those targets. You need to answer 180 questions in a time span of 180 minutes, which means you have 1 minute for every question. So invest in managing your speed and time.

Another interesting tip to crack the medical test is by focusing on your preparation in Physics and Chemistry. These subjects require accuracy which means they can be your score maker or breaker. The third subject Biology is relatively scoring. Therefore, it is suggested that you take out time practicing questions in the other two subjects and beat your competition.

A Quick Guide to Crack AIPMT:

Exam Preparation:

  • Complete each and every topic mentioned in the syllabus. Do not miss any chapter. Also, revise the completed lessons at regular intervals.
  • Create a strong base by covering topics from 11th and 12th NCERT books.
  • Attempt previous year papers. These papers will give you an idea about the exam pattern and the type of questions that generally appear in the AIPMT.
  • Divide your time for all three subjects giving more time to the subject you are weaker in. However, do not end up focusing on a single subject.
  • Become confident by appearing for mock tests. Understand where you are going wrong and avoid making those mistakes again.

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Attempting the Exam:

  • Do not waste time on difficult questions. Missing a question is not abnormal in any examination.
  • Speed plays an important role. Try and finish all questions at least 5 to 10 minutes before the time limit. This way you will have time for revision and for attempting questions that you couldn’t do earlier.
  • For every wrong answer in the AIPMT exam, 1/3rd of your total score is deducted. So, leave a question that you cannot answer correctly or are unsure of.

Psychological Motivation:

  • Keep confusions and tensions at bay. You need to first believe in your mind that you can crack the exam in order to be able to crack it.
  • Have some free time to relax as this will enhance your learning capability.
  • Avoid staying up till late just to finish and cram the left course modules. You will upset your body clock affecting your mental health.

Students generally believe that AIPMT is one of the toughest tests with complex questions. However, this is just a myth. The pattern of the AIPMT is different which is why a different approach needs to be adopted in order to crack it. Success can be achieved by practicing and understanding basic fundamentals that help to attempt the questions of the entrance examination.

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