Tips on How to Crack AIPMT 2016

By | 02/02/2016

Tips to rack AIPMT 2016The candidates who are interested to get a seat in medical or dental field should clear the AIPMT (All India Pre Medical or Pre Dental Test). AIPMT 2016 exam will be held on 1 May, Sunday.

How to Crack AIPMT 2016 exam? If this question runs in your mind, just read below some simple but effective tips and tricks that can be helpful in cracking AIPMT 2016.

Tips to Crack AIPMT 2016

You need to make a strategy for your exam and accordingly move with your preparations. Besides the academic preparation, you need to balance your studies, energy level and spirit to crack the AIPMT examination. The below tips will definitely help you get through the examination.

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Candidates appearing for the AIPMT 2016 are suggested to read AIPMT Syllabus 2016 carefully. Also know important chapters and topic wise weightage.

Be Sure with the Subjects

AIPMT exam mainly focuses on three subjects which are Physics, Chemistry and Biology. You should give special attention to those subjects to clear the test. Read NCERT thoroughly and practice as much as you can. Write information you tend to forget in your textbook so that every time you read that you will read that point too.

Study Crucial Topics

You should concentrate on the crucial topics of those three subjects to crack the test. As far as Physics is concerned, you should focus on Nuclear physics, Mechanics and Optics. In chemistry, learn Organic Chemistry, Bounding, Mole concept and Co-ordination Chemistry. In Biology, concentrate on Genetics, Reproduction, Cell Biology, Morphology and Ecology.

Use Reference Books

Even though, you have 12th Standard Physics, Chemistry and Biology books, however you have to go through the reference book solely designed for cracking the AIPMT exam. The reference books will help you better to crack the crack AIPMT 2016 examination.

Increase Your Speed

Solve Model Question Papers

Solve all AIPMT previous year question papers. Focus on the frequently asked questions, topics and pattern. You can search online to find previous year’s AIPMT question paper and solve it. Solving the model question papers will assist you increase your speed and knowledge.

AIPMT Mock Test

No matter, either you take the practice test online with AIPMT online test series or in the institute you study, but you have to appear for it. Since, mock test is something which can increase your problem solving speed and answering speed. Taking regular mock test will help you increase your progress as well. It is mandatory for the contestants to have sufficient practice to crack the test. Mock test is what will give you that practice.

Method of Study

Basic Knowledge

While you are about to study, you have to start from the basics. Since the basic knowledge will help you get the things clearly. Study the formulas, chemical equations and derivations clearly and thoroughly.


Once you have finished studying, you have to revise the portion. You cannot find time in the exam hall to answer the questions slowly by remembering them. Hence, be through with your portions. Remember, preparation for AIPMT 2016 requires regular revision. For topics that require formulae, make note in the way you understand for the ease in memorise formulas.

Cross Examination

Along with revising, you can cross test yourself by asking questions to you from the subjects that you have learnt previous day or before a while.

AIPMT Exam Pattern

Know AIPMT 2016 Exam Pattern and prepare accordingly. Remember, in AIPMT, most of the questions are not straight forward. You should regularly practice numerical and be prepared for any question.

Analyse your strength and weaknesses

Know your strength and weaknesses. Note down your mistakes on a daily basis, correct your mistakes and never repeat them. Strength lies where you had been able to answer the questions under 30 seconds just after sleep during preparation and weaknesses where you had the history of marking wrong choices even after spending 2-3 minutes on the questions.

Stay Healthy

Take essential breaks in between your study time. Relax your mind by doing meditation and yoga. Have a sound sleep for eight hours.

Last minute tips:

  • Relax on the day of exam, do not panic or get stressed.
  • Do not practice any mock tests now.
  • Read the important AIPMT topics again.
  • Revise thoroughly.

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During the test

  • Stay positive. Whisper to yourself “I can do it!”
  • Carefully read the question before answering.
  • Stay calm. Remember to do the best you can. If you studied hard and did everything you possibly could before the test, then you’ve done the best you can do.
  • Don’t spend too much time on any one question. If you get stuck, skip the question and move on. Don’t get too stressed. Just skip it and come back to it later.
  • Ist try to attempt theoretical questions and then questions which needs calculation. Our human nature is such that if we attempt a few confident questions in starting then we feel charged with positive energy that in turn increases our efficiency and speed for the rest of the exam.
  • Stay calm and composed during test. Be confident while taking the test.
  • Try to finish all questions within the given time.

The above tips will surely help you to crack AIPMT 2016. All the best!

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