How to crack JEE Main?

By | 13/10/2014

Tips on how to crack JEE mainJEE Mains is one of the toughest All India Common Entrance Examinations conducted for engineering courses admission. Cracking this exam is not child’s play. How to crack JEE Main and how to get a place in the toppers’ list still remains an enigma for many students. It requires a considerable amount of determination and dedication to pass the exam. It is the second largest examination organized in India.

Getting admission into the prestigious IITs is a tedious process. Students need to first clear the JEE Main to become eligible for the JEE Advanced. The rankings of your JEE Advanced will finally decide your entry into the IITs.  JEE Main schedule begins soon after class 12th exams. It is most crucial to prepare for the exam well in advance to avoid last-minute jitters.

Tips to Crack JEE Main

Are you one among those umpteen students who are pulling all stops to pass the JEE Main and grab a seat in the IITs?  If so, here are some tips to crack JEE Main:

Plan Precisely

Planning is of paramount importance when it comes to appearing for competitive exams. Pen down an efficient plan for yourself keeping in mind the syllabus you need to cover and the time that you have at your disposal. Chalk out the plan in such a way that your entire syllabus is covered on time.

Know your exam well

Before beginning to prepare for your exam, it’s essential to know the nitty-gritties of the exam pattern. Verticals like exam syllabus, pattern of questions, notifications and important chapters must be clear in your mind. Basically, you need a well thought-out approach on how to crack JEE Main.

Learn and Practice

Go through your syllabus thoroughly and practice it on a timely basis. Without proper practice the effort that you put in learning will be futile. Now days a lot of e-learning websites offer the facility of online tests, enabling you to practice well before your exams. This is one of the most important tips to crack IIT-JEE Main.

Appear for online tests

The online tests designed by expert teachers, available on e-learning portals are the best way to check where you stand. This is one of the most important tips on how to crack JEE Main. Know your mistakes by going for such mock tests and enhance your learning. This way you will be able to learn better and faster.

Opt for Test-Series

Take up chapter-wise and syllabus-wise online test series for JEE Main through which you can give exams as per your level of preparation. Test Series like JEE Rank Booster Combo, JEE Rank Booster XII, JEE Rank Booster XI, JEE Mega Test Series and JEE Jumbo Test Series can help you get hands-on preparation for your exam.

Analyze your performance

There are scores of brilliant students who appear for such online mock tests. You can compare your marks with them and get a detailed result analysis to upgrade your final performance.

Stay away from distractions

Learning with concentration is essential to retention. Inch away from unnecessary distractions and focus solely on your studies while preparing for this exam.

Solve previous year question papers

You can download previous years’ question papers from the internet and practice them to get a better understanding of the kind of questions that might come in the JEE Main. This is a great way to do revision and learn wisely. This is one of the best tips to crack the JEE Main.

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Apart from all these tips, a positive attitude, confidence and smart work is of utmost importance while preparing for your final exam. Always remember a smart worker has an edge over a hard worker. So put in all your heart and soul to learn smartly for your upcoming JEE Main. Apply these tips, give your best shot in the JEE Main and come out with flying colors on your exam day.

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One thought on “How to crack JEE Main?

  1. Kaushal Raja

    Students should concentrate on the previous years question papers of JEE Main. It will help them to manage time in the examination. By solving these papers, students will get an idea of exam patter, question weightage.

    Thanks Sir for these useful tips.


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