How to Memorise Formulas

By | 07/01/2016
How to Memorise Formulas Effectively
Memorising complicated formulae is not an easy task especially for those students who harbour a phobia for subjects like Maths, Chemistry and Physics. Some students are blessed with an inherent photographic memory. But there are some aspirants of high-level competitive exams who need to go the extra mile in order to enhance their recollection capacity as far as convoluted formulae and equations are concerned. This blog post aims to tell students how to memorise formulae quickly and effectively.

How to memorise formulas in Physics, Maths and Chemistry

Pay Careful Attention

Give heed to the formulae when they are being taught in class for the first time. When something new is being taught, our absorption power for it is at its peak. Understanding the whole concept clearly at that time itself will help you grasp the formula and equations better. They will be etched in your minds for a long time, lessening the burden of revising them again and again.

Read and Revise

Reading over and over again and revising them thoroughly will help you create a concrete picture of the same in your mind. Besides this, you can pen down the formulae while reading, which will bolster learning. A regular look at the formulae will ensure better retention and faster recall at the time of the exam.

In-depth understanding

Simply learning by rote does not guarantee that you will be able to remember the formulae for a long time or apply them effectively. Apart from mugging them up, focus on understanding the basics that build up a particular formula, like the units, equations and signs in the same. Break down the formula in sets to comprehend it deeply. If you are wondering how to memorise formulas effectively, this piece of advice can help you go a long way.

Make a mnemonic

Learn the formulae in a specific pattern so that you can remember them quickly. Make mnemonics; revise the equations orally in a particular tune, through a riddle or by associating the numbers and alphabets in the formula to non-mathematical elements which you can easily recollect later.

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Remembering formula for IIT-JEE Exam

The IIT-JEE is an application-based exam. Hence keeping your preparation limited to mugging up is futile. The syllabus is full of confusing formulas and perplexing concepts. Therefore, it’s crucial that you work smartly and regularly practise the formulae in order to crack the exam successfully. Keeping a whole plethora of formulae in mind can be quite tough. However, if the learning process is made exciting, this goal can be achieved like all other difficult objectives.

Below are few steps that you can follow in order to accomplish the task of learning formulae and equations that are imperative to succeed in the IIT-JEE exam:

Sticky Notes
Make short and crisp notes of all important formulae and stick them on your bedroom wall or on the wall adjoining your study table. This way you can be in regular touch with the formulae and can revise them then and there without having to open books. Sticky notes play a crucial role during last-minute revision. You can test their effectiveness by applying what you have learnt to an online test practice.

Formula Tests
Opt for online test series to enhance your revision and brush up the entire syllabus effectively. Test series are provided by various e-learning portals covering all chapters including all kinds of formulae and equations. This will assist you in revising and upping the confidence level for the exam.

Formulae are fundamental aspects of subjects like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Conquering the daunting challenge of learning them is the initial step to achieving larger goals of acing competitive exams and securing good marks. It is therefore indispensable to construct a strong grounding in them.

Understanding formulae can be really challenging and exhaustive at the same time. The grasping capability of every student is different and learning the formulae can be a tough task in the beginning. But the secret to solving this problem lies in persistently revising from time to time, keeping stress at bay and being unperturbed about the results.

In a nutshell, students looking for a solution to the oft-asked question, ‘how to memorise formulas’, should remember that the trinity of will power, study concentration and above given tricks make up the mantra for learning formulae effectively.

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One thought on “How to Memorise Formulas

  1. Anant Kumar Gupta

    Write down important formulas in a notebook. Read them every day until you memorise them. This will help you recall those formulas easily. You Buy reference books and exercise books on Mathematics. Revise and try to understand the steps to answering questions from the samples given in the books.

    More Important Practice- If you do not use the formula in practice questions, you are probably making the task of memorising the formula more difficult for yourself. Merely learning formula by heart does not mean that they will remain stuck in your memory for a long time. Even, if you do manage to remember them, you will not be able to use them to solve Maths and Physics questions until you actually use them – again and again and again. More you solve problems based on a formula, more are the chances that you will Memorise remember formulas for long time.


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