Tips on How to prepare for BITSAT 2017

By | 03/06/2016

Birla Institute of Technology and Science Aptitude Test (BITSAT) is a Computer based online test for admission in undergraduate Integrated First Degree Programmes of BITS Pilani Campuses viz Goa and Hyderabad. There are four institutions which consider BITSAT score to admit students in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. This university level examination is a tough nut to crack. If you prepare well then surely you will be able to crack BITSAT 2017. This post offer useful tips on how to prepare for BITSAT 2017. Check below few useful tips to prepare for BITSAT 2017.

Preparation tips for BITSAT 2017

Tips to ace BITSAT 2017

Get in Sync

  • Gather all relevant details of the exam including syllabus, exam date and pattern.
  • Try to study at least two subjects/topics in a day so that you are able to cover syllabus within a stipulated period.
  • Conceptual clarity is crucial in BITSAT. Have a clear understanding of concepts and topics.
  • Start with theory and move on to numerical portion for better practice.
  • Work on your weak areas. Study hard to improvise.
  • Make good use of mnemonics for subjects/topics that seem tedious.
  • Develop a practice of making flash/revision cards that would help in the final leg of revision.

Study Plan for BITSAT 2017

  • Choose subject/topic according to weightage of marks allotted in BITSAT.
  • Set a study plan and stick to it. Divide your preparation in several steps and complete them one by one.
  • Prepare, master and revise. Practise as many online and mock papers as you can.
  • Learn the art of Time Management through online practice papers.

BITSAT Bonus Questions

BITSAT is the only examination amongst all its contemporaries which provides its candidates with bonus questions. Along with the sum total of 150 questions, it allows students to attempt an extra 12 questions but this comes with a catch.

Once you opt for bonus questions, you have to submit your answers to the original 150 questions and you can’t revert back to review those answers. As risky as this may sound, many students attempt the bonus questions to score the extra edge. It is wiser to check the 150 answers before opting for the bonus questions as once you land on the bonus questions, there is no going back to those 150 questions you answered.

Negative Marking in BITSAT

The BITSAT examination provides you with a negative 1/4 marks for every wrong answer. Compared to a complete negative mark for wrong answers in JEE, this may seem minute, but given the large number of questions, it cannot be ignored. Hence, do not answer without being confident about it.

Master Language

BITSAT carries 15 questions pertaining to English as a subject. It must be mastered well to excel in the exam. You should have good hold over grammar. For Verbal and Logical sections, try to practice and prepare from books and mock papers.

BITSAT Important Topic:

Newton’s laws, energy and work, heat and thermodynamics, current electricity, Magnetism and magnetic effect of electric current

Concentrate on physical chemistry and quantitative analysis than organic and inorganic (especially for inorganic just go through NCERT)

Trigonometry, Conic sections (parabola, ellipse, hyperbola, rectangular hyperbola), Vectors and 3D, Integral Calculus

Synonyms, antonyms, Sentence completion, One word substitutions, rearrangement of jumbled words


For BITSAT preparation, Candidates can practice with BITSAT online test series or go through the books mentioned below:

  • Comprehensive Coverage of NCERT Syllabus for Classes 11 and 12 (English) 4th Edition – Arihant Publication
  • BITSAT Explorer 2016 (With CD) (English) by MTG Editorial Board
  • BITSAT English Proficiency & Logical Reasoning PB (English)
  • The Pearson Complete Guide to the BITSAT (English) by One Learn Education
  • Comprehensive Guide to BITSAT Online Test – with Mock Test CD (English) by Disha Experts
  • 12 Practice Papers BITSAT 2016 PB 8th Edition by GKP

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—Boost your BITSAT preparation by practicing online—
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