How to prepare for CA CPT exam?

By | 05/12/2014

CA CPT preparation tipsCA-CPT exam is an entry-level examination which Chartered Accountancy aspirants need to crack in order to get the green signal for appearing in the intermediate exam, the IPCC and the final CA exam. Cracking the CPT (Common Proficiency Test) requires candidates to study with the 3Ds of Dedication, Determination and Devotion. An effective preparation is of prime importance for those who want to qualify the exam and be eligible for the IPCC. This blog post aims to tell you how to prepare for CA CPT Exam in a manner that makes the daunting task achievable.

Becoming a CA is challenging and passing the CA CPT Exam is the first step to conquering this challenge. The profession demands unmatched excellence and perfection in tune with the standards set by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and the CA-CPT acts as the preliminary platform to achieve this level of proficiency.

CA CPT Preparation Tips

Thorough Understanding

Conceptual understanding is of paramount importance while studying for the CPT. Avoid the rote method while studying. Instead, learn scrupulously by clearly understanding the syllabus. ICAI study material is sufficient to prepare you for this exam. Additionally, you can take help from reference books written by renowned authors and produced by reliable publishing houses.

Follow a strategy

Craft a careful strategy that will help you study more efficiently. Give equal importance to all subjects and don’t neglect the ones that you dislike. Decide how much time you are going to devote to your preparation and also at what time during the day you will study and then try your best to stick with this. This is one of the most important CA-CPT preparation tips.


A positive attitude is the key to pass the CPT and reach an inch closer to your dream of becoming a CA. With an optimistic mindset, the otherwise tough preparation will become much easier and cracking the exam will be a cakewalk for you. Don’t focus on how tough the CA exams are supposed to be. Instead, concentrate your energies on reminding yourself that you can and will crack the CPT in one go!

Proper Planning

Keep a properly chalked-out schedule in front of you and approach your preparation accordingly. Try to stick to your plan to the T. If you miss out on your scheduled plan on any one day, compensate for it by working twice as hard on the next day. This way, you’ll never be off track for too long.

Online Test Series

While preparing for the CA-CPT, professional help and tutorial classes always help. However, self-assessment is the most powerful tool at your disposal. You can employ e-learning portals, the test series and CA CPT online practice tests available on these platforms to constantly check and monitor your own performance at your own convenience.

Other tips

A large chunk of the CA-CPT syllabus consists of accounting problems. In order to be really good in solving the problems, consistent practice is required. ‘Accounts’ also consists of theory so give equal importance to that. Students usually find Mercantile Law a tough subject to study, therefore it’s imperative to give proper attention to it and note down different laws in points for future reference.

While appearing for the CA-CPT exam, attempting the Law paper first is considered a good strategy as it consumes the most time. Pay careful attention to all the questions and go for the easy ones first. As there is negative marking, solve only those questions which you are absolutely sure of. Utilise the available time judiciously and leave some time in the end to check the answers.

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Renowned physician, Dr. William Osler has rightly said, “The best preparation for tomorrow is to do today’s work superbly well”. So keep worries and tensions at bay and kick start your CPT preparation with zeal and confidence to get the best results.

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5 thoughts on “How to prepare for CA CPT exam?

  1. Joy Flaherty

    CA-CPT exam is an entry-level examination which Chartered Accountancy aspirants need to crack in order to get the green signal for appearing in the intermediate exam, the IPCC and the final CA exam

  2. Koncept Education

    Study dedicatedly and with the full concentration. You need to build-up the confidence within you, that you will crack it in the first chance. Just divide your time well and give equal importance to all the subjects. Practice the previous years test papers and you will not find CPT hard.


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