How to Prepare for Engineering Entrance Exams

By | 05/10/2015

Tips on how to prepare for engineering entrance examsClearing Engineering Entrance Exam is no game play. One needs lots of luck along with intense hard work. To get into one of the top notch engineering colleges is every student’s dream. To dream big, one needs to prepare them self-real hard to get their dreams fulfilled. We bring you some great points to remember on how to prepare for engineering entrance exams. Read on!

Tips for Engineering Exams Preparation


With the exam dates coming closer, you may lose the belief of being able to crack your entrance exam at one go. However, it is very important not to imbibe any negative thought. Believing in yourself is one of the most brilliant strategies that you can apply during the exam preparation. Keep a positive approach in life while preparing for the engineering entrance exam. If you help yourself, your belief of able to score well in the exams is much higher.


Plan your strategies. Sort out your weaknesses and positive points and work hard on them. Make sure you have prepared yourself a planner before starting with your preparation for the exam. It will help you work on your skills faster and will also help in boosting confidence.


It is very important that you give yourself ample time to study your syllabus and also revise them regularly. Sometime, you may want to just learn the syllabus. It is equally important to revise the learned syllabus as well. That way, you will know what all parts of the subject has become your plus point and the weak core can be worked upon.

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Keep your calm

It is mandatory, not to get excited while preparing for the exam. Keeping your cool at this crucial time, is very important. It helps you concentrate on your study much better. Whenever, you feel stressed or too worked up. Get away from study for a while to take a breather. Once you feel okay, resume to work. Keep a very stress-free aura around you.


There is more to your life than sit and study all time. At this time of your entrance exam preparations, make it a habit of socializing as well. It will let you distress a bit. Speak to people who encourage you. Be around a light headed people who don’t give time to any sort of negative boosting.For a healthy and fresh mind, it is required for you to take a little break from your strict regime and feel good.


The best way to study is to teach yourself. This way the concept of the subject gets in the head much quicker and better. Whenever you are trying to learn a new concept, teach the basics of the concept to yourself. This way you will enjoy teaching yourself too.


Solve the question papers, and also practice the practical questionnaire as much as you can. A week prior to your set date of the exam, start giving yourself test and solve them without any cheat. It will tell you where you stand. If by any chance, you feel discouraged of the self-test, don’t feel bad about it. Learn through your mistakes, teach and revise the syllabus on a regular basis.

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One thought on “How to Prepare for Engineering Entrance Exams

  1. Animesh Tiwari

    The mentioned points in the article are very important. If you are really serious about the exam then my suggestion will be to join a coaching institute where you study with a proper time table and get a competitive environment and also they will provide you with the study material also. Doubts could be cleared instantly. My sister also joined coaching for her IIT-JEE exams and she has cleared the same with a good AIR rank …..!!


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