How to prepare for IAS prelims?

By | 20/04/2015

Tips on how to start preparation for IAS prelims (CSAT)IAS translates into the Indian Administrative Service, a profession that cannot be compared to any other job. Every year lots of students try to crack the CSAT (IAS prelims) exam. Since the exam is scheduled in August this year, the right time to start preparing for IAS Prelims has arrived. Here are a few guidelines that will act as a foundation for your query – how to prepare for IAS prelims (CSAT).

Start preparing well in advance
Once you have decided to appear for the exam, you should start preparing as soon as possible because this is the only way you will be able to cover the entire syllabus. To be able to understand the type of questions that will be asked, it is vital that you refer to solved papers of past years. It is also important to be aware of the latest happenings in all fields, for instance History, Economy, Polity, etc. using the most suitable books for the same. Starting the preparation process early is extremely essential.

Routine Work
Once you start your preparation for IAS prelims exams, you shouldn’t try to cover the whole syllabus at once. Pick one or two subjects at a time. The right approach is to pick one topic from Paper 1 and one topic from paper 2 and divide it accordingly. A routine chart helps in developing a concentrated approach and also helps in covering the entire syllabus.

Read, read and read
The key to score well is reading. Students must develop the habit of regularly reading newspapers, checking for latest economic surveys, and covering important topics from NCERT text books and supplementary IAS books. Reading always helps to improve knowledge about current affairs, history, politics, economy etc., which will surely help to crack this exam.

Apt guidance
There isn’t too much time available in hand when you start preparation for IAS prelims (CSAT). To save on time and the number of attempts, it is important that students obtain right guidance from right coaching center or online coaching centers.

These coaching institutes provide right guidance in terms of informing students about the books that must be read and the strategy to be adopted for IAS preliminary exam preparation.

How to start preparation for IAS prelims?

Make your own notes
Making your own notes has always been a smart way to study, than reading somebody else’s notes. An appropriately created note solves two purposes – the aspirant definitely reads through the syllabus at least once and the note serves the role of immense help on the eve of examination. These notes can be used effectively for last minute revision during exams.

Test yourself
It’s very important to evaluate yourself, so taking mock tests after completing a particular section helps students identify their weakness.  Solving previous year’s question papers and online CSAT test series will surely prepare you to get ready for the final battle.

Prepare smartly
It’s very important to be hardworking and serious for appearing in any entrance exam but always remember to prepare yourself in a smart way, which could mean reading selectively but reading well, using a mix of books and notes, making short notes, managing time, taking mock tests etc.

Get, set and go
Finally don’t overstress yourself and be confident. Don’t forget to sleep and eat healthy during preparation.

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All the best!

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2 thoughts on “How to prepare for IAS prelims?

  1. Sidharth

    Try to be more accurate while answering the questions, when solving previous year’s papers, practice test or mock tests. Try to develop a habit to analyse where you are making mistakes. Try to master the tricks involved by practicing more questions.

  2. Ranjit

    Well said Sidharth but if someone able to manage notes of IAS cracker than it will be huge matter to clear IAS exam and proper guidance of experts because pattern and level of questions are changed every time.


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