How to Prepare for JEE Advanced 2016?

By | 10/05/2016

Students who qualify JEE-Main can appear for JEE-Advanced examination. JEE Advanced 2016 examination will be held on Sunday, 22 May 2016. Top 2 lakhs candidates from JEE (Main) 2016 will be eligible to appear in JEE (Advanced) 2016. This post offers tips on how to prepare for JEE advanced 2016. Consider the below given points which will be helpful in preparing for JEE Advanced 2016.Tips on how to Prepare for IIT JEE Advanced 2016

Tips to Prepare for IIT JEE Advanced 2016

Know your Subjects

For JEE advanced test, you have to focus on the subjects namely Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Besides this, the areas that are to be focused on are mechanical physics, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and calculus mathematics.

Think About Improvement

Next, you have to figure out your knowledge and skills which you have on those subjects. Just try to improve the area which you think you need to concentrate more.

Day to Day preparation

There are people who will study every week or every fifteen days. If you do, you have the possibility to lose your interest on preparation. No matter, either you study small portion or big portion, but you have to study daily.

Recall the Portion

Once after you have studied some portion, you have to revise or you have to go for a cross test. Only then, you could understand whether or not you have studied the topics clearly and wholly.


It is a better idea to remember the portions. That is, if you feel tough to study or remember something, you can relate the topics to something and visualize it. If you do, you could recall the things easily.

Highlight the Points

While studying, just highlight the important keywords or sentences. That will be helpful while revising the subjects. While revising, it is enough to review the highlighted words or lines rather reading the entire portion.

Balance your Subjects

Rather studying one subject in a day, you should study some portions of all the three subjects. That is, you have to give equal importance to all the three subjects and balance your syllabus. At times, learning on same subject would be boring.

Get to the Root of the Topic

Don’t simply read the topics, rather you have to understand the topics which you are learning. Only that will be helpful to get the things clearly. If you simply memorize the things, you will have the chance to forget some lines or points. But at the same time, if you get the meaning clearly, you can remember that throughout your life time.

Start With the Basics

Don’t straightaway learn the difficult topics, instead you should begin with basics. Basics will let you understand the things precisely.

Exam Pattern

Know the question paper pattern and prepare for the exam according to it. It would be better, if you know the mark allocation too. By the mark allotment, you would come to know whether or not all the three subjects are given equal importance.

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