Tips on How to Prepare for NTSE exam

By | 09/02/2015

National Talent Search Examination (NTSE), a scholarship programme conducted at the national level across the country by National Council Of Educational Research And Training (NCERT) is hailed as one of the toughest exams at the high-school level. It seeks to fathom your intellectual level in order to assess knowledge of different subjects as well as evaluate your logical and reasoning capability. Conducted exclusively for students of class X, of any recognised board, the exam aims to spot meritorious students with exceptional talent and supports them in their educational journey.

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NTSE Exam Preparation Tips

Here are some guidelines on how to prepare for NTSE exam and give your best shot:

Analytical Thinking

Cracking the NTSE Exam requires you to develop and upgrade your analytical thinking. It is also imperative to sharpen your brain and hone the ability to solve problems quickly. You must be able to simplify complex problems by breaking them into simple parts. Analytical thinking also enhances learning, making you well-versed with various concepts that are tested in the exam.

Well-planned Preparation

When you carefully plan out your preparation and chalk out how you must proceed with it from the beginning to the end, the probability of anything going wrong lessens. Make plans as per your convenience and comfort. The plan can be made on a weekly, fortnightly or even monthly basis depending on the time left for the exam. Stick to the plan and see the difference.

Solve Sample Papers

Solving last five years’ question papers is crucial to understanding the exam pattern and your current status as far as the preparation is concerned. Solve the sample paper as if you are attempting the actual exam. This will give you a dekko into the kind of questions you can expect in the main exam and will also augment your learning.

Know the exam

You must acquaint yourself with minute details about the exam and the exam pattern. It’s necessary to be aware of all the details of the exam you are going to appear for. You should know the syllabus, exam pattern, important dates and the crucial chapters which are required to be mastered at any cost. Also, keep reading about how acing the exam has benefitted others as this will further motivate you to put in your best.


Proper practice of theoretical and numerical questions will save you from poor performance. Try to practice all types of questions, sample question papers and judge yourself at the end. Be your own mentor and guide yourself by making notes of subjects or topics you are lacking in.

Proper analysis of this nature will assist you in increasing your confidence, speed, accuracy and your knowledge of various subjects.

Online Test Series

You can give a fillip to your preparation by employing NTSE test series that are available on various e-learning portals. There are plenty of options available online to enhance your preparation. By opting for test series online, you can constantly check and monitor your performance and know where you stand as compared to your peers.

Besides the above given tips, what’s even more crucial is to have faith in yourself and leave no stone unturned if you really wish to crack the NTSE entrance exam. Time-management is of the essence when you are looking to an efficient preparation. Channelise your energies in such a way that you are left with sufficient time to revise the whole syllabus without feeling burnt out too soon. Fend off the exam-fright by reminding yourself that hard work pays off. Be cool and relaxed and everything will fall in place.

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5 thoughts on “Tips on How to Prepare for NTSE exam

  1. Ishit baweja

    I have never given ntse and now I am. Feeling nervour but since it id difficult I wiil try to crack it.

    1. Entranceprime Team Post author

      Hi Ishit,
      When you practice hard, you are sure to crack it.
      Wish you good luck 🙂

  2. Ramkamal

    What is the number of scholarships for the upcoming exam on May 8th? Is it 1000 as usual or increased to 2000 as per the announcement by our HRD minister last September?

    1. Entranceprime Team Post author

      Earlier HRD was given Rs.1000/- to all who have qualified NTSE stage-2 exam. But 1 sept-2015 HRD announced that the scholarship amount under National Talent Search Scheme will be doubled to 2000 from existing 1000 while speaking on the occasion of 55th Foundation Day celebration of the NCERT in New Delhi (NCERT).

  3. Animesh Tiwari

    To score good in NTSE and earn the scolarship it is very important to well plan the preparation and know about the exam properly. I had less knowledge about NTSE exam and used to go to catalyser for the board exams. The catalyser staff really helped me in this. They made a well planned structure to study for better results which proved a great success……


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