How to Remember What You Read?

By | 30/09/2014

Remembering what you readIt can be frustrating when the information you read is not remembered at a later stage.  However when you follow suggestions given by experts, it can help you remember what you read.

When you are motivated, you can concentrate more and in return find the information easier to remember. This post will teach you how to remember what you read.

You can remember what you read only if it matters enough to you. Remain motivated to gather information and enhance retention.

Remembering What You Read

There are certain things that you need to remember in order to be successful at remembering things you read. You will require:

  • Techniques
  • Purpose
  • Visualization
  • Focus

Skim through

To begin with, slowly skin through information. Don’t let this reading be the means of remembering information but use it as preparation for obtaining key points.

Read words in groups

Get into the habit of instantly shifting the eyes across the page. Do not read single words, instead read words in groups.

Break down and connect

Break down the information you read and connect it with instances of your life. This way it will be easier for you to retrieve facts.

Make notes

Jot down significant points when studying for exams. Read the notes aloud at a later stage and hear yourself. This way you will be able to memorize what you have been trying to. Repeat the process.

Have a purpose

Keep your confidence levels high and have a purpose while studying. Paraphrase what needs to be memorized and put in the language that is easy for you to understand. Grill yourself with questions in order to be able to recall the lesson. Do not highlight everything. Highlight only the essential points, phrases and words.

Put familiar visuals for better recall

Attach a visual with names that you need to remember. Correlate important dates with birthdays, or events in your life.

Stay focused

Focus on one particular thing at a time – a word, sentence or paragraph. Do not let any outside disturbances distract you and focus on the meaning.

Select the time of the day

Schedule your study time according to the times when you are the most alert and your grasping powers are high. Work in short intervals to improve attention and grasp.

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Video on how to remember what you read

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