How to Revise Effectively for Exams?

By | 12/09/2014

tips on how to revise for exam Students usually go nuts when important entrance tests or examinations are just around the corner looking for ways to revise effectively for these exams. They are constantly looking for the best and quickest means to revise the mammoth syllabus they have somehow managed to finish.

The problems begin around a month before exams, when they feel that they have gone completely blank about everything they’ve been preparing for in the last few months. This post offers helpful tips on how to revise for exams effectively.

Having butterflies in the stomach and feeling jittery are things that almost every student faces. But there are some students who always keep their cool and are able to shine among the lot. The reason behind this is a proper revision that saves them from the so-called ‘exam fever’.

How to Revise for Exams?

Here are some tips on how to revise effectively for exams and be happy-go-lucky even on your exam day:

Follow the Revision Schedule

Keep a revision schedule ready with you about one month before the exam and follow it strictly. Start off with the subject which you find the toughest and go accordingly. The revision schedule must be prepared in accordance with the exam dates and your own priorities.

Opt for the Best Way of Learning

Too many books and subjects to revise will leave you puzzled. Revising the traditional way poses no harm but the method doesn’t suit one and all. Instead go for something that will make revision easier and quicker for you. You can do so by making flow charts, diagrams or by writing summaries chapter wise. This is probably one of the best ways to revise effectively for exams.

Listen and Absorb

Some people grasp more by listening. In that case, listen to lectures given by experts on various subjects which are now easily available thanks to the advent of specialized e-learning portals. There is now a plethora of video lectures and virtual classes to choose from. Many institutes and portals provide this facility to students. This will save you from the burden of going through piles of books all over again. Video lectures are also more engaging and interesting to study from.

Mock Exam

Before heading for your exam, it is paramount that you get enough practice. Hence mock exams come to the fore. Mock online exams and practice tests that are amply available on the internet nowadays allow you to boost your confidence level for exams.

Revise on-the-go

There are umpteen apps and mobile websites that can be accessed through your smart phones and tablets. These provide you with the option to study on-the-go while you’re travelling to and from coaching classes, school, college etc. This way it’s possible to revise even while heading to your exam center!

Scrutinize your Mock Test Results

By taking online test practice, you can analyze your performance in comparison to others who have taken the test. If you take part in the national-level mock exams that some top e-learning and test portals provide, you can get a good idea of your standing for the main exam. Once you decide to pursue online, you will find scores of aspirants competing with you. This will give you a good platform to check and compare your mettle with other students.

Holistic Preparation

Strengthen your revision by going for online chapter-wise and syllabus-wise tests. You can check your performance by getting an in-depth analysis of your results in the end and work on the areas where you are still lagging behind.

Follow these simple tips and you are going to come back with flying colors on your exam day!

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