IAS Exam Preparation Tips

By | 02/09/2015

The IAS examination just held it’s prelims on the 23rd of August and with that begin another cycle of preparation for a lot of aspirants. Here are some basic IAS exam preparation tips that can help you to get through this time.

Top 10 Tips for IAS Exam Preparation

Time Is Money

From the moment you seriously decide that you want to appear for Civil Services Examination, time is money so don’t waste any at all. Make the most of all the time that you can possibly spare. What making the most of your time means is to carry an atlas or a yearbook  or a newspaper so that you can utilize the time you spend in traveling, eating.

Study According To The Pattern

Unnecessary cramming or making yourself feel preoccupied with plans and schedules of studying won’t achieve anything. Before embarking on the task of studying a very detailed plan needs to be conceptualized that is in sync with the current examination pattern. Studying unnecessary topics or redoing subjects you’re thorough with is nothing but a waste of time.

Develop a Routine

In order to do your IAS preparation it’s very important to plan your days. You must know what and how much you’re suppose to collect on a given day and more importantly it’s very essential to have time slots set in a day of different hours in which you need to study. Choose timings which are relatively distraction free and do so according to your personal preference of either studying at night or early in the morning.

Be Regular

The IAS test along with being extremely prestigious is also extremely hard to crack, and there are no short cuts to it. The preparation for IAS examination is a long haul. So without being regular in studying and updating yourself regularly there is no possibility of a person getting through. If you plan on. The preparation is very demanding and extremely challenging but at the same time it’s worth it.

Choose Subjects Carefully

The prelims require you to have a good amount of knowledge, and it’s always a good decision to take an IAS prelims test series. A lot of people don’t get through because they go with subjects that they think are “easy” in people’s opinions. This is an extremely wrong move, you must play to your strengths  and choose a subject that you know you have mastery in.

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Stay Updated

The widest possible array of question can arise in the GS papers and that is why it of utmost importance for you to be updated constantly. Read the paper and make it a habit, read specific books/novels elaborating on important issues from an examination point of view. Your preparation of IAS exam can also be strengthened by watching informative channels like Discovery, History channel etc.

Personal Notes

IAS exam preparationPersonal notes can be your saving grace during your IAS preparation. Notes made by one’s own self not only help in retaining much better but also in making sure a topics is done thoroughly. Once a topic is covered through personal notes it becomes very easy to revise it.

Writing down what you know systematically enhances the ability to retain those particular topics.

Sample Papers

One of the most important tips for IAS preparation is  for assessment of  where you currently stand in the crowd and that can be achieved by solving sample papers from last year. This does not only give you an exposure the wide array of questions asked and the how the format works. In order to gain confidence or to elicit your own shortcomings, solving a sample paper helps a lot.


The civil services examination is regarded as the toughest paper in the country and it is so for a reason, the people who get through get a chance to be integral part of governance. Before you appear for the exam one thing that you must know is that if you actually want to be a part of the services.

It is not only a strenuous cycle of examinations but also there is a high probability of someone not getting selected. Therefore the most important part is to have a very strong will and the ability to not lose heart even if faced by failures.

Don’t Quit Your Job

The preparation for IAS examination is very intense and some people might think it’s okay to quit their jobs and then prepare while this may stand true for some, a lot of people only feel a higher sense of threat when their only fall back option is gone. This in turn increases the pressure they have to face and that decreases their efficiency.  So quitting your job isn’t always the best way to go. Weigh the pros and cons very analytically and then make a decision.

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