JEE Main Last Minute Preparation Tips

By | 16/03/2015
JEE main last minute preparation tips As the final date for the JEE Main entrance examination comes closer, the stress of students increases four folds. They try to find JEE Main last minute preparation tips and tricks that can help them crack the exam. If you are one of those who are currently panicking with the remaining syllabus and preparation, take a look at the tips given below to help you de-stress and bring things back on track:

  • Never ask your peers about how prepared they are. This is a common tendency of students and one of the most popular reasons for stress. Knowing the preparation level of your friend will not be benefitting in any way.
  • Brush up the portions you are confident with and then move on to the problematic topics.
  • Prepare a revision time-table clearly mentioning the topics you will take care of in the beginning and the topics you would pay attention to later. Your NCERT preparation books will act as building blocks for theory and since you have already used them for Class XI and XII, refreshing your memory will take lesser amount of time.
  • If you haven’t been able to complete certain concepts, forget about them. Trying to learn them at the last moment will reduce your confidence level and lead to the wastage of precious hours. Instead, it is suggested that you focus on strengthening topics you have already completed.
  • On the eve of the exam, keep your mind relaxed. Avoid last minute preparation.
  • A lot of students get distracted easily during the last few days since they are nervous. Everything from taking a walk, to watching TV to even going grocery shopping seems exciting. Try and avoid such distractions.
  • Remain positive because any negative thoughts in your mind will just serve as confidence annihilators.
  • Get enough sleep. Your mind should be fresh on the final day of the exam, so don’t stay up late cramming formulas.
  • The purpose of last minute preparation for JEE Main is to analyze how well you have been able to comprehend things and not mug up new topics. Furthermore, if you try and grasp new concepts, you will only aggravate anxiety levels feeling you are not well prepared.
  • Do not go in for combined studies in the last two weeks. Some students have the tendency to get nervous unnecessarily and these habits are contagious. So, stay away from such influences.
  • When you receive the exam paper on the final day, don’t just start attempting it from the beginning. Take some time to understand the pattern and structure. This will help you to classify questions on the basis of skill and weight age of marks. Attempt easier questions and questions that carry more marks first. Chances that you are familiar with the paper pattern are high if you have attempted JEE main online practice test.
  • Divide the time that you will spend on each section of the paper. You know your strengths and weaknesses and the subjects you are comfortable with. However, do not favour the subject of your liking because the cut-off for all three subjects must be cleared.

If you keep these tips in mind, you are all ready to attempt the JEE Main entrance exam and get your chance to secure a seat in the IITs. This way, you will be confident when you enter the examination hall and a confident and relaxed mind can attempt the paper in a better manner as compared to a nervous and exhausted mind.

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