How to Prepare for IIT JEE Without Coaching

By | 29/12/2016

Every year lakhs of students appear in prestigious Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) to get admission in Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) across the country. Many of them prepare for JEE, one of the toughest entrance exams in India, under the guidance of mentors in coaching institutes, while some rely on self-study to get through the exam. Students that fall into second category, or those who prepare for IIT-JEE without coaching, persevere a lot for during preparation. They succeed with the help of impeccable planning and smart study plan. Such students work hard with a lot of focus and putting consistent efforts towards their goal. Here are some useful tips on how to prepare for IIT-JEE without coaching.

Tips on How to Prepare for IIT JEE Without Coaching

Tips and Tricks to Prepare IIT-JEE Exam without coaching

Have a clear focus

A clarity towards a goal always help in planning and implementing things in the right direction. Considering the tough competition in this nationwide exam candidates should thoroughly prepare themselves physically and mentally.
You must raise and check your level of performance at different intervals to be able to crack the exam.

Good study material and books

The first step towards achieving your goal should be acquainting yourself with the syllabus of exam. Students should buy and gather relevant study material and reference books to study. They must have a guide of previous years’ question papers or a series of mock test papers to improve practice and enhance time management skills. Having a proper study material helps students in the long run.

Time management is crucial

The students appearing for IIT JEE simultaneously prepare for their board exams. Classes at schools, completing projects and assignments, while having regular self-study for IITJEE can be exhausting. This requires meticulous planning and implementing each step with focussed mind. IIT JEE toppers crack this tough exam with the help of three tools viz a proper time table for each subject, setting long term and short term goals and a balanced study schedule which gives ample time for physical and recreational activities.

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Positive approach

Success in IIT JEE requires tough mental strength. IIT JEE toppers embrace a meticulously planned study time table with a positive mindset. A positive temperament and approach paves a path to success. Stick to a positive outlook towards hard work and never shy away from it. Do not feel disturbed by creating mistakes or getting poor score or performance in practice tests. Rather learn and improvise from such mistakes and study that topic thoroughly.

Students must develop a clear understanding of their strength and weakness. It will help in streamlining study plans and work steadily towards goals.

Judicious use of time

Students preparing for IIT JEE without coaching must follow a strict timetable to make optimum use of time. Practice like never before and make notes for the topics and subjects in which you are weak or seem difficult. This will help you to revise well and perform well in exam.


Self-discipline helps students to stay focused and keep an eye towards their goals. Self-discipline is a continuous effort that students need to put in initially, but becomes an integral part with regular practice and produces commendable results in the long run. Self-discipline include practices such as avoid wasting time in fruitless activities like watching TV unnecessarily, chatting on Facebook, Whatsapp and sticking to study schedules and timetable.

Interact with experts and senior

It is advisable to stay in touch with students who have cleared JEE and take study tips from them. Seek guidance from teachers and seniors on preparation.

Group study and peer discussion

Studying and preparing in a close knit group produces healthy competition. Group discussion with teachers and peer discussion will create an environment to enhance your knowledge exponentially.

Students can organise mock tests and quiz based on syllabus or topics.

Correct guidance

Students have different intelligence and capability. Some have ability to grasp, some have ability to memorize, while some have the ability to recall easily. A correct teacher or mentor, or a senior, directs students about having effective study plans and techniques as per the capacity and ability of students. Such an amalgamation of guidance, study tips and hard work deter student not lose focus. A mentor also clears doubts of students, offers moral support and assesses them correctly.

Thorough revision

Students should revise the syllabus as many times as they can. It will increase their test-taking speed, acquaint them with question paper, overcome anxiety, gives them a clarity about the topics they need to focus more.

Physical and mental balance

A nutritious diet a must during preparation of exams. Students must have a good physical and mental balance in order to avoid exhaustion. They must sleep at least eight hours a day to relax brain. It is always better to start early, make good use of morning hours, study in first half of the year and revise towards the months closer to exam period to get better results.

Perfect exam strategy

Burning the midnight oil or solving enormous test papers will be useless if these efforts are not backed by sound exam strategies. IIT JEE toppers approach their exam papers in a cool manner, running through the questions at a first glance, identifying which ones to answer first and which ones to leave. They adopt better and smart strategy even inside examination hall and do not make hasty decision to answer the questions.

A good planning for exam help students to allocate time judiciously to tackle questions in all sections and approach difficult or doubtful ones later, thus enhancing chances of scoring better.

Always remember IIT JEE bears negative marking, so students should be confident about the questions you want to answer or attempt, else it is better to leave.

These study mantras will ensure your success path in IIT-JEE. Cracking JEE entrance exam might seem a difficult task initially, but it is not unattainable. With positive approach, hard work and right study plan students can pass this tough exam with flying colours and secure a seat in one of the IITs.

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2 thoughts on “How to Prepare for IIT JEE Without Coaching

  1. Rishika Ahluwalia

    Nice tips to crack JEE without coaching. Very useful for students.

  2. Suhani Sinalkar

    The tips you have mentioned in this post are very effective and accurate. IIT JEE needs consistency, hard work, and dedication towards your studies. as it is one of the toughest competitive exams in India. But, I think it’s better to take the guidance of an experienced faculty member who can not only guide you throughout your course but also provide you the small and effective tips for cracking the exam. So I suggest that if you have to crack such competitive exams in one shot then, you have to go for the best coaching class for IIT JEE option.


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