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How to Take Notes Effectively?

Taking notes is a great way to memorise important concepts or terms that you learn in a classroom. Taking down notes helps to prepare for an exam, a run upto revision and boosts concentration during lectures. Also, taking notes allows students to jot down concepts in their own terms and manner, making it easier for… Read More »

The Best Way to Study–Tips

To remember massive amount of information from the books and notes, you need to develop good study habits. If you put forth the effort to study effectively, studying will be easier and the improved skills will soon become a habit. The result can be better grades and greater knowledge. Check below for some of ideas… Read More »

How to Study Smart Not Hard?

Don’t Study Hard, Study Smart There is always that one student in class who seemingly spends a meager amount of time actually preparing for tests and exams but that does not stop him or her from getting the highest marks in class and from outperforming everyone. Some might that this is the inherent intellectual capacity… Read More »

How to Concentrate While Studying?

Studying long hours is futile if you lack concentration while doing so. Sitting relentlessly with your books open in front of you for a long time is not important. What’s essential is to learn with focus and alertness. This concentration emerges when there are no distractions and disturbances to divert the mind. Losing track of… Read More »

How to Remember What You Read?

It can be frustrating when the information you read is not remembered at a later stage.  However when you follow suggestions given by experts, it can help you remember what you read. When you are motivated, you can concentrate more and in return find the information easier to remember. This post will teach you how… Read More »