The Best Way to Study–Tips

By | 24/05/2016

To remember massive amount of information from the books and notes, you need to develop good study habits. If you put forth the effort to study effectively, studying will be easier and the improved skills will soon become a habit. The result can be better grades and greater knowledge. Check below for some of ideas and tips on the best way to study.

Effective and The Best Way to Study–Tips

Effective Way to Study

Make Time Table

Studying all the days and nights is not recommended. Find your time to study and balance your work. Keep the same schedule faithfully from day-to-day. The amount of time required for study varies for each individual based on skills with the subject matter. An average of two hours of study each day is recommended.

Know Your Speed

You have to know whether you can learn fast or slow. If you are a slow learner, you obviously need some more time while comparing to the fast learners. So, schedule your study time according to your capacity.

Get enough sleep

Studies have shown that sleep positively impacts test taking by improving memory and attentiveness. Getting a good night’s sleep will help you perform better.


The focus is something that is needed to study well. Lack of concentration will disturb your learning process and would never let you study properly.

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Avoid Electronic Devices

Avoid getting distracted with electronic devices while studying. Silence your mobile or keep it in your bag. Try not to open computer or connect it to the internet. Keep your TV off during study hour.

Determine a Place

Do not go with the comfortable and consoling place to study. At times, you may end up falling asleep. So, determine a place which is calm and composed to study. Do not study by having kids or other persons around, you may get distract from your study.

Choose the Background Music

Some people would like to learn with zero sound whereas some other people would like to learn with the mild background music. Sometimes, background music will help you enhance your mood and concentration.

You can listen to 6 hours of Background Music for study or visit Youtube for more music for study

Give a Break

It is quite normal that students might feel tired or exhausted while studying. Take small breaks in between your studies so that you can come back into the study mode without any hassles.

Break Things into Smaller Sections

One way to study is to break things into smaller sections. This helps you learn the information bit by bit instead of trying to understand everything at once.

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Group Study

Rather studying alone, it would be better to study having some three or four members around. It is one of the best way to study and understand things.

Other Useful Tips on Effective Way to Study

  • Find a keyword related to what you are studying, and whenever you lose concentration or feel distracted start saying that keyword repeatedly in your mind until you come back to the topic at hand.
  • Highlight and underline important points in your study material.
  • Try to memorise already learned things by rereading it.
  • After studying the topics, students can take own versions of tests.
  • Explore ways to enhance your ability to recall information.
  • After reading summarize i.e write down the most important concepts or ideas from each section or chapter.
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