Cracking BITSAT 2016: Important Tips

By | 07/01/2016

Tips to crack BITSAT 2016 ExamConducted online for a specific period of time throughout the year, The Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test (BITSAT), is the key to entry into some of the prestigious institutions in the field of science and technology. The Birla Institute of Technology and Science is regarded as one of the excelling institutes in its field with a well -trained and experienced pedagogical staff and good placement in reputed companies for the students. Considered to be at par with the JEE, this test is nonetheless a little different from the JEE and other examinations and hence is to be prepared for accordingly. So buckle up, you are now to take a ride through some important tips for not only cracking the exam but also excelling it to get admission into the good branches of the institute.

To crack BITSAT 2016, you not only require excellent academic preparation but also the well-balanced combination of spirit, studies and health, which are crucial to cracking the exam.

Tips to Crack BITSAT 2016

How to study?

Inspite of being seen at par with JEE, the syllabus for BITSAT is a little different and excludes a few chapters but is divided into five sections: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning. Both the exams thus need to prepared separately with adequate attention to both.Further, a score of around 300 is required to get through the exam while a score of 350 or more ensures entry into the prestigious branches.

Thorough coverage of syllabus

  • The syllabus for the test is available in the brochure which is available online.
  • Much like JEE, BITSAT also requires a good grip over the basic concepts and formulas. So pay attention to the basics and be thorough with the syllabus.
  • Remember the formulas, equations and chemical reactions by heart. They should be on your fingertips for the exams.
  • BITSAT, as opposed to JEE, has short but tricky questions. Thus a god knowledge of the subject is required. Do not waste your time in practicing  lengthier questions, instead focus on the basics.
  • Don’t ignore the English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning. They may not seem important but they nevertheless occupy a substantial weightage in the examination. Learn basic grammar rules for English and practice Logical Reasoning.


  • Since the exam will be conducted online, it is necessary for the candidates to have enough practice through online mock tests and get used to sitting in front of the computer for 3 hours at a go.
  • Revise: Revision is very important, since the no. of questions in the exam doesn’t give you enough time to think and remember them slowly. Thus, revise well and be thorough with the formulas.
  • For Mathematics, practice is what can get you through. The questions are largely mechanical and demand enough practice so that the questions can be solved in time.

Explore our online test series for BITSAT to practice online.

During the Entrance Exam

  • A score of 300 in the exam is required to get through for which 100 questions should ideally suffice.But since the exam also includes a deduction of 0.25 marks with every wrong answer, attempt 120 questions to be in the safe zone.
  • Start the paper with the subject you are most comfortable in and then move on to English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning.
  • Do not waste much time in the beginning. Try to give one minute to each question for the first 1.5 hours
  • Mathematics requires the maximum time in the exam, Chemistry moderate while others can be solved if given half hour each.
  • There is no time for revision in the exam. Try to be accurate without the need of a revision.

Bonus Questions?

Yes, but there is a lot more to it than the terms suggests.

According to the brochure:

“If a candidate answers all the 150 questions (without skipping any question), the candidate will have an option of attempting 12 (twelve) extra questions, if there is still time left. These extra questions will be from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics only; four questions from each part. Further, once the candidate has opted for extra questions, he cannot go back for correction of any of the earlier answered 150 questions.”

This option requires the candidates to attempt all 150 questions. Thus, be careful when you are opting for it. You need to be sure of at least 135 questions out of 150 and should have at least 20-25 minutes for them. These bonus could help you get a good rank but should be attempted only when you are confident enough.

Spirit and health

  • Keep yourself motivated throughout the exam. Don’t stop socialising and take breaks during study time to relax.
  • Give at least 10 minutes to stretching and meditation. While meditation will help you memorise, stretching will help you sit through the exam.

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4 thoughts on “Cracking BITSAT 2016: Important Tips

  1. Nishank Dubey

    Few more tips.
    *After going through the BITSAT 2016 syllabus you must have known the areas of your interest and the areas that need attention. By practicing the portion which needs much attention can help you a lot in the last moment preparation as well as in the exam.

    *I also suggest that candidate should Consult to seniors about their preparations, how they managed their time and studies.

    *Practice as many online tests as possible, this will not only give you confidence but also increase your chance in cracking BITSAT test. There are several mock tests available online for preparing BITSAT 2016. You need to practice sitting 3 hours non stop on a computer.

    *Time Management is Most important. I think out of 180 minutes, time division between different sections would be 30 min – Chemistry, 20 Min – English and Logical Reasoning, 40 – Physics, 70 – Maths. 20 Minutes Spare for revision or attempting extra questions.


  2. Sweta Patel

    Ist you should make your preparation for BITSAT 2016 perfect. Refer NCERT books for preparation,
    Revise regularly, Solve Logical type questions, Pay special attention to Physics and Chemistry, Develop your proficiency in English language, take online practice test as much as possible.

    During exam- don’t be stressed, stay calm, don’t spend much time in one question (if you are stuck in a questions. Wasting time on one question is a huge disadvantage) proceed to other question. At the end if you get time then focus on that question.

  3. Ravi K. Rao

    I think what matters more for cracking BITSAT is your level of preparation, your confident, how well you can manage time in exam, and speed of solving the questions.

  4. Abhinandan Singh

    Know the syllabus well. Give priority to important chapters. If exam is near leave out any new chapters because it will create a lot of stress. During exam remain relaxed and stress free. Be confident that you will surely crack BITSAT 2016 🙂


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