Tips to Prepare for BITSAT and JEE in 1 Month

By | 04/03/2016

Tips to Prepare for BITSAT and JEE in one MonthBoth BITSAT and JEE are the admission tests for the engineering courses. BITSAT is the Birla Institute of Science and Technology test and JEE is the Joint Entrance Examination. The clearance of BITSAT will get you a seat in Birla Institute and the clearance of JEE will get you a seat in either IIT or NIT.

The purpose of test might be similar but the format of test would be dissimilar. Since, BITSAT mainly focuses on Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English. And JEE examination focuses on Physics, Maths and Chemistry. Follow the below tips to prepare BITSAT and JEE in best way in one month.

Tips to Prepare for BITSAT and JEE

Be Familiar With the Subjects

Know the difference between the BITSAT and JEE test and be sure of the subjects. As far as BITSAT is concerned, the only difference is you need to clear the proficiency and reasoning section in English. JEE does not focus on English.

Exam Pattern

The pattern of the exam is also different for both BITSAT and JEE. BITSAT is the only exam where you can get more marks than what is fixed. There are extra 12 optional questions. If you are confident about the 12 questions, you can do, otherwise, don’t.

Practice the Model Question

Consider practicing the model question papers to check your ability and skills. Practicing model question paper can help you increase your speed of answering the questions. Since the BITSAT exam demands speed of solving.

Study What It Demands

Instead studying all the portions of the subjects, just study what are the areas that the exam focuses on. Once you have finished studying the portions, revise it. This point is applicable for both the exams.

Mock Test

Take the mock test. Solving mock tests greatly helps in understanding the pattern and types of questions and adapting to them. Take a lot of mock tests as that will increase your problem solving speed and spend time to analyze the results.

Explore Entranceprime’s online test series for JEE main and BITSAT test series to practice online.

Know the Basics

The strong knowledge in basics would help you go further in the subjects. So, try to start from the basics rather beginning with the syllabus.


NCERT books have the most important study material. Practice more from it. Also, take help of other reference books that can help you with your preparation.

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